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The city of Nettuno is located near Rome and is therefore easily accessible by plane. As the scene of several historical events, the city offers numerous attractions and is a good starting point for a trip to the Pontine Islands.

Climate: Mediterranean with temperatures between 23 and 30 degrees
. Winds: Tramontana, Scirocco, thermal winds
Sailing season: April to October

Yacht charter Nettuno

The town of Nettuno is located south of Rome and is a municipality of the capital of Italy. Named after the Roman god of the sea, Neptune, the former fishing town has a long shipping tradition. You can take a stroll through the medieval old town. Taste the local wines in one of the small restaurants. Near Nettuno is also Torres Astura, a medieval castle. In ancient times, a settlement called Astura existed here. Today, next to the castle, the remains of a harbor can still be seen. Nettuno is also a pilgrimage destination. Saint Maria Goretti is buried in the Santurio of the same name. In a kind of Snow White coffin rest the remains of the 11-year-old girl, modeled with wax. In the Second World War, on the shores of the city landed the Allies in Operation Shingle, to move on from here to Rome. At the Sicily-Rome American Cemetary and Memorial are buried over 7000 American soldiers who died here and in other Italian regions.

To the Pontine Islands and away from the mass tourism with a yacht charter Nettuno

From Nettuno you can arrange a varied vacation: If you arrive in Rome by plane and don't know the city yet, you can plunge into the life of Italy's capital. Then you can sail from Nettuno along the coast of Lazio to the Pontine Islands and really relax here. Only about 4000 inhabitants live on the six islands. Ponza, Gavi, Palmarola and Zannone lie to the west and Ventotene and Santo Stefano to the east of the group. The main island of Ponza is of volcanic origin and has a steep coast, making some of the coves and sandy beaches accessible only by boat. The white sandy beaches and clear waters make the island an ideal destination for swimming, diving and snorkeling. To the northeast is the island of Gavi, which is uninhabited. Palmarola is part of a nature reserve. This island is also popular with divers and here you can visit the Grotta di Mezzogiorno. Zannone, like Gavi, is uninhabited. On walks here you may encounter mouflon, which have been introduced to the island. The Pontine Islands, due to their exposed position, were also used as exile and prison islands. Thus, the remains of a prison still stand on Santo Stefano.
If you have even more time for a cruise, you can plan a visit to Naples and the Campanian Islands for example.

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